The ironic truth


The trend “The Ironic Truth” is about letting the world realize the truth in an ironic way. Especially in the visual world, artists, designers and the global nation are figthing against global problems by using humor. Via their job, combined with ironie, they are giving expression to their messages. Armed with ironie, these people are on the hunt for a ‘new’ world with new ideals. At the moment, we notice that designer use ironie to bring up loaded social and society related messages and problems globaly. By using ironie, these problems are reduced in heaviness and therefore more easy degestible for the big crowd.

Eat Shit – Breakfast talks

Eat shit is a great example of this trend. Eat shit is a statement from second year-students from the Design Academy. Via this they are demonstrating a beautiful vision of the future. Design is more than its appearance only. The social aspect is more important these days, like the design about recycling food where Eat Shit comes from. This theme has a bigger goal, namely to contribute to a better world.



Actual BullShit

Max Tempkin is known of his game Cards Against Humanity. Last black friday, he posted on his website that the game was not available on black friday, but that the consumers could buy bullshit instead. Max Tempkin wants to make the consumers aware of the fact that even the biggest nonsense can be sold, by selling a big amount of real “bullshit”. With this statement Max is not only taking an ironic stance, but is also making fun of the consumption society we live in.




Banksy is an artist who combines humor and cruelty in his work. One of his artworks is Dismaland, the dismal alter ego of Disneyland. All the global issues are shown in this park. A record amount of people had visited this park before it was broken down again. But since a short matter of time Banksy has rebuilt Dismaland in Calais (France) as shelter for refugees.



Steve cutts

Steve Cutts is an illustrator from london who is criticizing the nowadays society by using powerfull illustrations with an ironic twist. His illustrations show us the stress and frustration about the status of the society we now live in. With his illustrations Steve Cutts wants to show people the hard facts in an ironic way.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-4-620x374 Cutts