Inside Out

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Our exterior is an important part of our identity. But if the mass decides what we look like, are we still in charge of our own identity? We’re trying to break free from the sheepculture by differentiating ourselves. We incorporate our identity in our life, our products and our surroundings. We see this trend moving two ways people expressing this in more extreme versus more subtle ways. # Independence # Differentiation # Self-expression

Aynouk Tan

Aynouk Tan is an advisor, art director, fashion journalist and style icon. As an experiment for her column in NRC she wore many different outfits. With this she wanted to question our attitude towards fashion and identity. Joop (2015)


Aynouk Tan: Makke Schapen, De Naakte Waarheid & Werkkleding (Foto’s Mylou Oord)

Virtual identity

In his movie ‘See the Light’ designer Jacob Kok questions our identity in the future. He sees a new possible future where we create a second virtual identity. Is it possible to adopt a new shape and redefine ourselves in a new body? Is this the start of a new form of identity where a grey mouse is also a sparkling unicorn online?


Hirocon  – Willem Horsten

‘Everyone wears a unique story’. Hirocon is a pendant which allows the user to wear its personal message or story. The message is transformed in a pattern that is lasered into wood.

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Abstract is a web shop that collects data on the customer’s emotions and a piece of their writing to form a completely unique patterned textile, which is then used to make a clothing line.

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