the sky garden


A natural, green environment can contribute in various ways to the human health, from children to the elderly. The construction of green space in urban areas can even result in savings of € 65 million in the budget for public health. More greenery can also ensure that employees report sick less often, resulting in a saving of € 328 million. According to research by KPMG, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. This is why the sky garden project in Seoul, South Korea, is so great!


Many viaducts and pedestrian overpasses in Asian cities are only functional. Due to the scale of the Seoul Station Overpass an opportunity exists to create a unique public space in the heart of Seoul. Different residents and experts came with the plan to regenerate the overpass into a public space which was also a pedestrian walkway. Dutch studio MVRD has got the honor to be chosen to transform the highway. MVRDV’s idea is unique for repurposing car infrastructure. There ambition is to make this place as green as possible with customizable activators such as little shops, street markets, cafés and greenhouses so that it will be transformed into a green, public park. MVRDV even intends for the skygarden to function as a nursery, raising trees and other plants for distribution in public spaces throughout Korea.

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A great instance

Many studies show that it is very good for people to have a lot of nature and green in its environment. It is great that a Dutch team of designers and developers will carry out the SkyGarden project. The city Seoul shows us that it is possible to have a highway which is also a big nature park. They are a great instance for The Netherlands. In the future we will live longer and we will work longer. We will get more stress and things to think about. Therefore it is important that we remember this project so that we even can make Dutch cities greener in the future.

Quality of Life

Nature can help to facilitate recovery from stress, it can encourage social contact, it can contribute to the optimal development of children, it can be personal development and sense of purpose and it can stimulate movement. These things all improve the quality of life of the visitors of the sky garden. Now the pedestrians have a great view when they walk on the highway and they have time to recover from their daily (work) stress.