Every year in The UK over 19.000 cyclist are involved in accidents. The ones not driving our cars, and the ones who prefer two wheels to four are not guaranteed to be safe on the road. How can we improve their safty? Volvo Cars presents the solution: LifePaint.


LifePaint is a unique reflective safety spray. The spray is invisible by daylight, but it starts glowing brightly in the glare of headlights. Making the invisible, visible! LifePaint can be used in all sorts of ways. It can be applied to clothes, shoes, helmets, even children’s backpacks. Do not worry, the paint also washes off and it is lasting for approximately one week after application. Volvo makes every effort to fulfill their promise of safety, quality and environment. They do not only ensure the safety of the Volvo Car users, but also of the pedestrians and other traffic. Volvo and its LifePaint improve the quality of life of its users. Due to their LifePaint , people get the possibility to protect themselves and improve their physical and material wellbeing.

 “We have had lots of people posting on our Twitter page and Facebook after they have sprayed it on their clothes and helmets, saying it is fantastic, a great thing to have as prevention. Everyone I have seen say it has been nothing but a good idea.” Jamie Osman

The beginning

What if there will be a future without accidents? The Volvo Life Paint is in my opinion the beginning of a safer, accident free environment. The successor to the LifePaint will be a lasting bicycle paint which lights when headlights cast their light on it. There are many sites, people and blogs that debunk Volvo and its Life Paint. Maybe there are some negatives but Volvo is trying to devise a solution, at least, they think beyond their cars. I think it is great that a car brand has gotten involved with safety for people on bikes. Volvo shows that a brand also must deal with the consequences of its product. Volvo sympathizes with the traffic participants and thinks about consequences that could occur. Volvo: the brand of the future, the brand of safety

“The best way to survive a crash is not to crash”

Quality of Life

By using the Life Paint traffic participants will feel safer. Their personal safety and mobility will be increased. Because there will be fewer (fatal) accidents, also their social wellbeing will increase. Indeed, there would be fewer deaths and less families who lose a loved one.