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Did you know that nearly a third of Dutch adults and more than half of the Dutch youths in 2013 to little moved? This image is the past eight years has remained virtually the same. On an average day young people sit / lie average 8.1 hours per 24 hours (excluding sleep time). That’s a whopping 59 percent of the time they are awake! To less people use a bike and exercise enough. Why does one resident picks up the bike for a ride to the center and choses the other the car?


The choice of the consumer is a combination of the base preference and a subjective assessment of the practical advantages and disadvantages of the bicycle and the automobile at that time. Healthy, fast, cheap, fresh air and drinking alcohol in front of baggage problems, bad weather and tiresome. That subjective assessment of the advantages and disadvantages is easier to influence than the base preference. –

The Copenhagen Wheel

A research shows that the speed of the car instead of the bike is one of the things why they use their car more often. They claim that a electric bike could be a opportunity but that these bikes are way to expensive. Maybe the Copenhagen Wheel is the solution for these people. This wheel is a self-contained electrically-powered rear bicycle wheel that can be installed on any regular bike, instantly turning it into an e-bike. Using the wheel why riding can be predetermined by the rider, using an app on their smartphone. The app measures at the speed of the pedals if he has to support the cyclist or not. For instance: when the rider is going uphill, the motor will contribute more. The great thing about the electric wheel is that you do not have to worry about the fact that it could be stolen. When you and your phone leave the parked bike, the wheel will notice that its Bluetooth signal is gone. When there is no Bluetooth connection anymore, the wheel will lock itself automatically until the phone returns.

The Kit Bike concept

Indian company Lucid Design has created a conceptual bike. Their bike is not a normal one, it is a bike that can quickly be dismantled into a series of 21 parts that fits into a backpack. The process of assembling and dismantling the bike is extremely simple and very quick. The series of 21 parts twist and lock together which makes the process very easy. With this bike, the problems of traveling by train to another city and commuting with a bike are things of the past. Despite the fact that the project received a Red Dot 2014 Design award, Lucid Design currently has no plans to produce the bike.

“Conventional bikes are awkward in every way except when you ride them,” the company’s creative director, Amit Mirchandani, told Dezeen.

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Connected cycle

Fear of bicycle theft is a frequently mentioned reason for motorists to pick up the car on the short distance. (Source: CCV) There is considerable uncertainty about the number of bicycle thefts per year. This is mainly because not long declaration be made by all bicycle thefts. CBS is doing several studies to estimate the true extent of bicycle theft. Every year in the Netherlands about 600,000 bicycles are stolen. It is not only responsive to individual cases, but also to serious organized gangs who steal dozens of bikes at the same time, according to the RAI.

Because of these numbers, more and more inventions try to counter to steal bicycles. One of these inventions is the connected cycle which has been launched at the Consumer Electronics Show this Januari. The connected cycle has connected pedals on the bike. This pedal can notify the owner if their vehicle has been moved. These pedals have a built-in global positioning system (GPS) that could prevent bikes being stolen. When more people know about these pedals, a bicycle thief will think twice before he tries to steal you connected bike.

“the first ever connected pedal”

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Bikes of the future

These bicycles and bicycle parts are just a few of the many new inventions of the past year. The car may also be the future, but the bike will certainly not disappear. You can do shorter distances fine with the Copenhagen Wheel, you might as well travel by public transport but then you should use the future Bike Kit and of course your bike is not jeopardized because of the Connected Pedals. In my opinion there will be no city centre which allows cars. Bikes are the future of transport in the city.

Quality of Life

I think it is superfluous to say that these three new projects improve the quality of life of its users. Your transport is simplified with also additional perks such as an app that measures your distance and calories burned when using the Copenhagen Wheel. Additionally you do not need to yearly spend money on a cycle, the connected pedals make sure that your bike is always safe. And your physical wellbeing will also go forward because the use of the bike will improve your health.