Bike mode


Everyone knows it, texting or calling when you are riding on your bike. But beware! 9% of all bicycle accidents is a result of that. Therefore the government and telecom providers start with a campaign that would urge cyclists to not use their smartphone when they are cycling. 

Cycling offline

With as many as 1 in 5 bicycle accident where a young person is involved, smartphone use is involved. Every year hundreds of young people get hurt as a result. Minister Schultz van Hagen of Infrastructure hopes that with this campaign it will reduce the number of cycling accidents. The campaign manifest itself in an app for your smartphone: Bike mode. You can compare the free app with the airplane mode on mobile phones. When you turn on the app, he ignores incoming messages. In this way, it allows the cyclist to not get distracted in traffic. To encourage cyclists, prizes can be won by using the app. Who cycles offline, can earn points and with those points for example they can win cinema tickets, t-shirts or a new bicycle. The public campaign “Attention on the road ‘runs until mid-December.



Together we can make the road safer. We are the ones causing all the accidents that happen. By putting our phones on Bike Mode we do not get any messages and we do not get distracted. In my opinion this is a really good thing. I think that the role of the government in reducing the traffic accidents is very good. It shows that they care about their people. This campaign could succeed very well because there are prizes to be won and it is brought in a positive way. Campaigns like this should make the difference for the future.

Quality of Life

When the app has the attention of the young people, they will probably go competing against each other to win the prizes. You only get a point when you have cycled for 1 kilometer.  So, there is a good chance that young people start to cycle more because of the fun the app brings with it. The physical and social wellbeing of a lot of young people will be improved before December.