Magnify Me


In a world where we experience more and more stimulation, we are constantly looking for more intensity and optimization of that moment. We want to excel in everything that we do, and now we have the technology to help us do so. The focus lies in enhancing our senses so that we can improve our personal development and body. #Experience #ToExcell #Intensity

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Inside Out

Schermafdruk 2016-01-19 15.49.23

Our exterior is an important part of our identity. But if the mass decides what we look like, are we still in charge of our own identity? We’re trying to break free from the sheepculture by differentiating ourselves. We incorporate our identity in our life, our products and our surroundings. We see this trend moving two ways people expressing this in more extreme versus more subtle ways. # Independence # Differentiation # Self-expression

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The ironic truth


The trend “The Ironic Truth” is about letting the world realize the truth in an ironic way. Especially in the visual world, artists, designers and the global nation are figthing against global problems by using humor. Via their job, combined with ironie, they are giving expression to their messages. Armed with ironie, these people are on the hunt for a ‘new’ world with new ideals. At the moment, we notice that designer use ironie to bring up loaded social and society related messages and problems globaly. By using ironie, these problems are reduced in heaviness and therefore more easy degestible for the big crowd.

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