“Car of the future”


A driverless car?

With this driverless car, airbags and crumble zonestraffic collisions will be a thing of the past. Wilcox proposes that by the year 2059 driverless cars be possible. These cars will make current safety requirements superfluous. No airbags, no trying to stay concentrated while driving, no traffic, no car accidents any more. 

“In the future it will be safer to drive in a driverless car than it will in a manual car” – said Wilcox

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The Google Glasses


Wearable computer

The Google Glasses are a new kind of computer. It’s a mini computer which you see in front of you when you wear the glasses. You can get your own personalized Google Glasses based on your lifestyle. The glasses are possible in a lot of different colors and on different frames. The Google Glasses also have a lot of different options.

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The Neurocam, an emotional camera?


An emotional camera?

The Neuro cam is a wearable camera system that detects your emotions. It automatically take pictures or video’s of moments of interest based on the users brainwaves. The users interests are count on a range of 0to 100. When the interest value exceeds 60, the camera automatically records and save 5 seconds of the moment. You can also share your interesting moments socially on Facebook. 

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