Monokini 2.0

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What if

What if you love your body, your breasts, your femininity and you discover that you have cancer? And not just some cancer, but breast cancer in one of your breasts. Away chest, away femininity? Finnish designers state that breast cancer survivors should not be ashamed of their scars so they started the crowdfunding project Monokini 2.0!

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those mannequins


The perfect outfit that does not fit you

You looked in the window of a shop and you saw the perfect dress for the party on the mannequin, but when you tried that dress it did not fits at all. That is one of the daily life struggles of each girl when she goes shopping. Everything what we see in the window is an idealized image that we want to comply, but we will never be able to do that. Those mannequins look perfect, they are the idealized image of the identity where we want to comply to. But who is perfect? 

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Viktoria Modesta

Everyone has caught himself with it once: staring at a person with a “deviation”. In fact, a lot of people has bullied those diviant people for years. But what if you came to the conclusion that the person you thought was weak and inferior, is actually pretty cool and inspiring? That cool and inspiring person has had a lot of obstacles, but always followed her dreams: Her name is Viktoria Modesta, world’s first amputee Pop Star and model. 

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