In your head. 

When we first hear a song on the radio, we all get it pictured in our head. When we look at the videoclip of the song, this picture can change. A video clip is in fact a way of storytelling, so it can change the story we imagined in our head. But now Coldplay comes with a music video in which we can make our own story! The video gives us the opportunity to create our own storyline by way of an interactive, animated tool. How amazing is that?!

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Coca Cola


Share a coke!

We all have experienced it: a new year, school and new people. The first time you speek to an other new student, it is always a bit an awkward moment for both. Some people can not handle this moment, and trie to avoid it by playing with their phone. That is why Coca-Cola and Leo Burnett came up with an unique way to help students shake the first-year jitters: The friendly twist!

“Do the Friendly Twist!”

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Top 100

I was on the train reading the METRO, when I came across an article about the sustainable young top 100. It was also written about four young people who started a pop-up restaurant because of all the food wastage. Annually a third of the food consumption is wasted worldwide – 1.3 tonnes per year.

“More than a third of the food production get lost in the chain.”

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Disaster tourism



We humans are afflicted with a deep-rooted fascination for disasters that transcend our understanding. Pompeii, Auschwitz, Treblinka – it has become eerily quiet in all those places. But in the 21st century we may be the most under the spell of places where nuclear disasters have occurred. The city we are most impressed by is probably Chernobyl. 

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Mission #2


You are a consumer!

Last Friday I had some free time and I did not know what to do. So when I was checking different blogs for some inspiration, the thought about my own post about “how to be an explorer of the world” popped in my head. I decided to do a second practice from that book. When I saw the practice “write about everything you consume in a day” I thought that would be a really easy one for my, but it was not so easy to think and write about everything I consumed as I though it would be!

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Mission #1

be an explorer

Explore your world!

Today I visited a great cafe in Tilburg, called Locals and when I was enjoying my latte macchiato, I decided to do my first fieldwork discovery mission. You may think, fieldwork discovery mission? Well, I just got this book: How to be an explorer of the world – by Keri Smith. This book is all about getting inspiration: you do not get inspiration by just sitting behind your desk, so explore the world!

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